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After building K2HTPDTOR, you can check the operation by the following procedure.

Sample Configuration

The following is the configuration used for K2HTPDTOR and K2HTPDTORSVR test. please refer.

Configuration on the terminating server



It is the same configuration as K2HTPDTORSVR.

Configuration on the relay server to be retransmitted


slave node CHMPX for connecting to next server

server node CHMPX for receiving transaction

It is the same configuration as K2HTPDTORSVR.

K2HTPDTOR Configuration of the transfer source


Operation check

This operation confirmation is retransmitting the transaction.

1. Building and installing

2. Start the CHMPX server node of the terminating host

$ chmpx -conf dtor_test_trans_server.ini

3. Start K2HTPDTORSVR of the terminating host

$ k2htpdtorsvr -conf dtor_test_trans_server.ini

4. Start CHMPX(slave node) connected to the terminating CHMPX on the relay host

$ chmpx -conf dtor_test_trans_slave.ini

5. Start CHMPX(server node) connected by the transfer source on the relay host

$ chmpx -conf dtor_test_server.ini

6. Start K2HTPDTORSVR on the relay host

$ k2htpdtorsvr -conf dtor_test_server.ini

7. Start CHMPX (slave node) connected to relay CHMPX on the transfer source host

$ chmpx -conf dtor_test_slave.ini

8. Start a test program that generates transactions on the source host

$ k2htpdtorclient -f -l -p dtor_test_slave.ini -c 1

This program is a test only program.
In this way you can confirm that the transaction has been transferred.

9. Exit all programs

Send signal HUP to all programs (chmpx, k2htpdtorsvr, k2htpdtorclient), and it will exit automatically.

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